Meet Abigail Cobb, Polymer Clay Artist

Meet Abigail Cobb, Polymer Clay Artist

Meet Abigail Cobb, Polymer Clay Artist

For my first blog post, I’d like to introduce myself and set the tone for the rest of the blog. Thank you for being here! 


About Abigail:

My name is Abbey and I’m a polymer clay artist, marketing professional and small business owner. I also work full-time in the construction industry doing marketing and business development alongside many talented architects in the DMV area. I have a cat named Norman who oversees operations, and my family constantly lends a helping hand with markets and other business tasks. Shoutout to my Mom, Grandma, Aunt Nancy, and especially my cousin and star employee, Helen. I have numerous hobbies beyond playing with clay, including: reading, True Crime, going to the gym, and karaoke! I absolutely love polymer clay as a medium because it is so versatile, and you can quite literally create anything imaginable. I am very influenced by nature, bodies of water, and all things whimsical!  

When did you start making art? When did you start your business? 

I have always been crafty, ever since I was a small child I loved to make art with my grandma out of whatever we could find around the house. I have expressed myself through painting, drawing, and many other ways, but polymer clay is a medium I was able to stick with. I started  off with a cheap polymer clay kit off of Amazon in the midst of 2020. I practiced, practiced, practiced, and failed many times. But finally, I felt I had a product that I was proud of. That December, I posted on Facebook a few pieces I had made and the rest is history! My friends and family loved my work, and it gave me the confidence to continue making unique pieces. The hardest part of starting a business, in my opinion, was selecting a timeless name. I decided to utilize my last name and that’s how Cobb Creative came to fruition. 

What makes Cobb Creative unique? 

I make each and every piece with stellar attention to detail, and I try to envision the final piece being worn from the start of creation. I am able to express myself and my style through each piece of jewelry, and I almost feel as though they represent different phases and stages in my life. I love looking back and comparing my new pieces to old, and seeing my own growth. I am passionate about creating pieces for everyone, not a certain demographic. I have had past customers ranging from 4 to 93 years old! It is a tremendous honor to know that there are folks wearing my art each day. 

Who do you look up to?

I have a few people in the clay community who I absolutely adore, and I could probably write an entire book about them, but you can check them out on instagram at the links below: 

Where to find Abbey:


Thanks for reading my first blog! Stay tuned for polymer clay tips, tricks and  styling. Please enjoy 15% your next purchase with code FIRSTBLOG

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